We focus on modern, human-centered support for healthy living.


Our Mission

We are passionate about living well, and we believe all people want to lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, the healthiest lifestyle decisions are not always the easiest ones to make, especially with hectic schedules, work deadlines, household duties, and more. That's why we are committed to creating mobile health technology applications and solutions that:

1) raise awareness of the many instances of health-related lifestyle decisions we encounter in our daily lives


2) provide relevant, real-time support to nudge our users towards healthier and sustainable habits.

Who we are

Christine Hsieh, PhD

Founder, Behavioral and Cognitive Science

Christine completed a PhD at MIT in behavioral medicine and has spent the past 8 years developing personalized health science and technologies.  Not one to forgo practicing what she preaches, she has faced -10F temperatures while biking to commute around Boston.


Frank vanzile

Lead Software and Analytics Engineer

Frank has 20+ years of experience as a senior full-stack developer and is a serial technical entrepreneur. He enjoys staying up to date on the latest methods in machine learning and the fast-moving technologies in the Valley.


Seppo Helava and Sam Hart

Mobile Game Designers

Seppo led the design of one of the most successful mobile gaming apps, while Sam is a virtuoso in implementing complex game mechanics. They are now lending their powers of creativity to the cause of improving lives through better health experiences.


Expert Content Contributors

Our health content has been crafted by specialists with the best up-to-date knowledge of nutrition, health science, and human behavior. 


Chelsea Clarke, MS

Masters Applied Nutrition with Dietetics Certification


Candice Chihorek, MPS

Masters Behavioral Economics



Martin Sepulveda, MD, DSc., Senior executive advisor for IBM Watson Health; previously VP of Integrated Health Services at IBM

Charles Roussel, MBA, Previously CEO of College of American Pathologists and Managing Partner, Consumer Electronics, Accenture

Mike Byers, Executive Chairman of DirectPath Health

Ken Kaplan, Senior Health System Advisor, MIT Sloan Initiative for Health System Innovations

Rebecca Norlander, CEO SamePage Health; previously founder Health123 and General Manager, Microsoft


Clinical Partners and mentors

Dr. Kirsten Meisinger, Regional Medical Director Cambridge Health Alliance

Dr. Fredric Gordon, Medical Director of Hepatology, Lahey Health

Dr. Michelle Lai, MD/MPH, Beth Israel Deaconess Hepatologist and Harvard Medical School professor


And proud members of



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