The Role of Digital health for Well-being in Company Building

As the employer landscape continually evolves, digital health offers a way for employers to differentiate their benefits from the competition.

Leveraging mobile and digital products can increase attractiveness and ease of access to well-being initiatives, leading to enhanced engagement.

New technology tools allow more nuanced well-being data to be collected so that employers can identify the best health interventions for particular segments of their employees.

48 percent of workers said they are not satisfied with the support they receive from their employers to improve their health and lifestyle.

Mobile Technology for Delivery of Health Support:

Characteristics for success

An estimated 50% of app users have downloaded mobile apps to support their well-being, indicating this is an area ripe for further innovation and investment.

A key use case for mobile apps and platforms is the delivery of tailored, actionable health recommendations, in line with the other uses consumers get from their personal devices.

In a personal medium such as mobile devices, offerings need to be human-centered down to the details of wording, visuals, and interaction styles.

The potential for sensor data-driven personal health is growing everyday, but it must be paired with personable, actionable advice rather than relying on the data itself to provide benefit at large.

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